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Sea of Spa

Sea of Spa Dead Sea Cosmetics Royal Grooming Kit

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    Refresh your facial routine with this lotion! Our Obliphica and Carrot Facial Lotion is a unique formula that includes minerals from the Dead Sea as well as Obliphica oil and carrot. Suitable for all skin types, this lotion thoroughly cleanses your face and delicate eye area while preserving your skin's natural acidity. Leave your skin feeling clean and fresh with this effective lotion!

    Give your skin the ultimate refreshment with our Obliphica and Carrot Facial Water! This alcohol-free face water is enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea, omega 3, 6, and 9, as well as donalia algae, Obliphica oil, and carrot. This product is perfect to complete your cleansing routine while protecting your skin from pollutants without drying it out. It maintains your skin's natural moisture balance and leaves it feeling fresh and calm.

    Upgrade your skincare routine with our Anti-Aging Day Cream 45+! This excellent moisturizer is designed specifically for mature and dry skin. It's enriched with Dead Sea minerals, pure pumpkin oil, lactic acids, and salicylic acid that aid in the regeneration process of your skin, leaving it soft, flexible, and fresh. It also provides SPF-15 sun protection and is perfect for daily use as a makeup base.

    Indulge your skin with our Mineral Mud with Obliphica and Carrot! Our mud is rich in minerals from the Dead Sea and also includes Obliphica oil and carrot, which nourish and protect your skin while deep cleaning it.

    Want a spa-like experience at home? Try our Aromatic Body Peeling Salt from BIO SPA! This luxurious body peeling salt gently removes dead skin cells and provides your skin with nourishment from unique minerals found only in the Dead Sea. The aromatic oil will leave your skin feeling fresh and relaxed, giving you the ultimate treatment for your skin regeneration.

    Ingredients: Not Applicable.

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