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Sea of Spa

Sea of Spa Dead Sea Cosmetics Mermaid Kit

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    Hydrating cream for dry skin with a special Triple Effect complex that creates an intense and nourishing formula that restores optimal moisture levels and combats aging. This cream helps to improve skin thinning, leaving it feeling soft and fresh for hours. It has a quick-absorbing formula that leaves your skin supple, radiant, and silky to the touch.

    Night cream with collagen that has a rich, velvety texture and is formulated with the Triple Effect Complex, minerals from the Dead Sea, omega, and collagen to firm and reduce wrinkles. It works on your skin during the night, repairing, and nourishing it for optimal results.

    G Force mask with essential vitamins, oils, and plant extracts that boost cell dynamics and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin purified and prepped for better moisture and nutrition. It brightens the skin for a more even and radiant tone, leaving it firm and flexible, with a silky texture.

    Facial serum with collagen concentrated for maximum firming and smoothing of your skin. This serum penetrates and works in the outer layers of your skin, giving you a taut, glowing appearance. It can be used under a moisturizer during the day or under a nourishing cream at night.

    Body lotion and massage enriched with Dead Sea minerals to restore minerals to the body, replenishing the natural moisture lost during the day. This innovative formula is suitable for massaging and leaves the skin feeling moisturized, refined, and flexible. Its rich aroma envelops your body with a delicate fragrance, making it the ultimate daily body care cream.


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